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Hotel Regulations

To ensure a safe and comfortable stay for all of our valuable guests, ORIENTAL HOTEL HIROSHIMA (the Hotel) has implemented the following set of regulations (the Regulations) pursuant to Article 10 of the Hotel Terms and Conditions. All of our guests are asked to follow these Regulations. The Hotel reserves the right to refuse to allow any guest who fails to observe the Regulations to stay at the Hotel or to use its facilities in accordance with Article 7 and 18 of the Terms and Conditions. The Hotel does not take any responsibility for any accidents or damages suffered by guests who have failed to comply with the Regulations or instructions given by the Hotel staff. The Hotel reserves all rights to take appropriate legal actions for any breach of the Regulations or damages caused as a result of non-compliance with the Regulations.

Fire Safety
1. Other than those provided in your room, please do not bring or use any equipment which may cause fire, such as heaters, cooking stoves and hair dryers.
2. This is a non-smoking hotel. Please refrain from smoking in the guest rooms, restaurant, bar and public spaces. Designated smoking spaces have been provided for your convenience.
3. Please do not touch fire-fighting equipment except in the case of emergency.
4. Please be aware of evacuation routes that are indicated in each guest room.

1. Please make sure to lock your room door when leaving your room during your stay.
2. Please use the lock and the safety latch on the doors while in your room, particularly when sleeping. Please identify any visitors before opening the door. If the person appears to be suspicious, please contact the Hotel reception immediately.
3. Please use the lobby to meet with visitors.
4. Persons other than those registered guests are strictly prohibited from staying in the Hotel.

1. Please deposit all cash and other valuables at the reception desk. The Hotel accepts no responsibility for valuables left in the room or in other public space.
2. Lost property will be dealt with as and when required in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.
3. Any valuables deposited will be handled in accordance with the Hotel’s policy as set out in Article 15 of the Terms and Conditions of the Hotel.

1. Please be aware that the Hotel may request a predetermined deposit amount (an advance payment) upon arrival. Please make a payment each time when requested during you stay.
2. Please present your room key or the key booklet when charging any items to your room account at the restaurant, bar and other outlets.
3. Please note that the Hotel does not accept any payments in personal cheque. Travelers’ cheques are accepted.
4. The Hotel will not make advance payments on behalf of the guests for shopping in the Hotel, airfares, train and bus fares, taxi fares, postage, costs of sending luggage, or any other expenses.
5. Please note that additional charges are applicable for telephone calls made from your room phone.
6. A service charge of 10% is applicable to your room account in addition to statutory taxes.
7. We politely decline any tips to the Hotel staff.

Prohibited activities
1. Please refrain from the following activities, which may inconvenience other Hotel guests:
(1) Please do not bring the following items to the Hotel in order to ensure safety and comfort of the other Hotel guests:
(i) Pets and animals, such as dogs, cats and birds (excluding guide dogs, hearing assistance dogs, and service dogs);
(ii) Items with offensive odor;
(iii)Flammable or combustible items, such as gunpowder and fuel; and
(iv) Any illegal or illicit items prohibited by law. Gambling and any other illegal activities are strictly prohibited within the Hotel premises.
(2) Please consider the other Hotel guests and refrain from shouting, singing, or making a loud noise.
(3) Please do not use guest rooms for purposes other than resting or dining without the prior consent of the Hotel.
(4) Please do not order food by delivery services.
(5) Please do not rearrange or remove furniture and other items from your room and the public space within the Hotel, without the prior consent of the Hotel.
(6) Please do not place any items near the windows which may be unsightly.
(7) The hotel strictly prohibits any people other than registered guests from staying at the Hotel. Guests are also requested not to invite visitors to their quest rooms.
(8) Please do not place or display advertising materials, or solicit the sale of any goods in the Hotel without the prior consent of the Hotel.
(9) Please note that publishing photos or other images taken in the hotel for commercial purposes, without the prior consent of the Hotel, may result in legal action.
(10) Any and all acts which may disturb the privacy, safety and comfort of other guests are strictly prohibited.
2. When the prohibited activities described in the preceding paragraphs are not ceased immediately upon the request of the Hotel, the Hotel reserves the right to refuse the guests from using its facilities.

Prohibition of antisocial forces
1. The Hotel prohibits the following organizations or individuals from using its facilities:
(1) any crime syndicate, member, quasi-member of a crime syndicate;
(2) affiliates of any organization associated with the parties in the preceding subparagraph;
(3) corporate extortionist, socially disruptive organization, nonviolent crime organization or anything similar or any of its affiliates;
(4) any person or entity who engages in violent demands or illegal claims, using threatening language or behavior; or
(5) any persons who are dependent in ensuring his/her own safety due to lack of self-control, as a result of mental instability, the use of drugs and other substances, or any persons, or any persons who are likely to cause danger, fear, or anxiety among other Hotel guests.
2. The hotel reserves the right to refuse the use of any of its facilities by anyone to whom any of the preceding descriptions may be applicable.