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Store in the hotel “SHOP ORIENTAL+” (Shop Oriental+)

We have newly started handling prefectural products such as “Bingo Kasuri fabric products,” “Miyajima tea with Hamagou” and “Chichiyasu no Chibo.
Please use this shop for various occasions such as daily use items, gifts for yourself, and Hiroshima souvenirs.

Business hours : 9:00-19:00
Location : 1st floor

With the concept of “a place that offers items and goods to add hotel life to your life,” the store opened in August 2018 as a hotel-operated store handling a wide range of items from original hotel amenities and homemade sweets to local products of Hiroshima. With the reopening of the shop, the new lineup includes “Miyajima Tea” containing hamagou, a seaside plant from Miyajima, “Chibo,” a soul drink of Hiroshima, and “BingoStyle®” fabric products, a modern interpretation of Bingo Kasuri, woven using traditional techniques in the Bingo region of Hiroshima Prefecture.

In addition, hotel-made baked goods such as pound cake with a refreshing taste of Hiroshima lemon and original bath amenities “ORIENTALIST” that bring out the beauty of nature’s gentleness blended with Japanese and Chinese plant extracts will be available as products that can easily bring the comfort of hotel life into daily life. We will offer them as products that can be easily incorporated into your daily life with the comforts of hotel life.